What Is My Child Learning In Class?

Every day, students take time to work on WORD STUDY skills. Ask your child, "What words did you work on today? What sounds did you practice today in Phonics or Center time?" "What are your VOCABULARY WORDS this week?" Ask your child to act out the new words, find the words in a story they're reading.

Every day, students are learning new strategies to help them become better readers. Ask your child, "What Reading Strategy are you working on this week?" "If you come to a word you don't know, what does a good reader do to try and read the word?"

Every day, students work on learning new strategies to solve everyday math problems. Ask your child, "How did you get that answer?" "Can you show me another way to solve this problem?" "Can you draw me something that shows me what you did to get the answer?"

Students are learning about their community. Take a walk in your neighborhood and ask your child to show you the places in our community he or she is learning about.

Science is fun in our class! Ask your child to show you at home some of the great investigations (hands on projects) we are making in class to learn more about Balance and Motion.